Who We Are

I, Vandana Shah am delighted to have you here.

I am associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coach Federation (ICF) and a graduate from Erickson Coaching International & Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. I am also certified Group Coach from Coaching & Leadership International. I am NLP Master Practitioner from Co-Founder of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler.

In today’s fast pace life, people either want more of something like power, love, money, career etc.. & less of something like frustration, anger, conflicts, challenges… Its my passion to help people live to their true potential and achieve all that they desire for. I support individuals, business owners as well as corporate executives in their journey towards being highly effective, productive and successful.

Prior to starting my own coaching & training practice, I have spent 14 successful years in the corporate world. I bring rich experience in the field of Sales & HR. I had extraordinary achievements in the role of mentoring (known for building successful teams). As business coach I have coached over 800 hours and my intense coaching experience enables to mould destiny of organizations from slow paced growth to popular brands, low sales figures to boost in revenue, unbalanced team to best ranked team and clambering CEO to goal oriented CEO…

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