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Employees – The most precious resource

Financial capital is considered the most critical aspect of any company. Top-level executives keep discussing how to increase capital and draw maximum profitability. However, financial capital is not the company’s most scarce resource. In fact, it is relatively easily available and still cheap. As per Bain’s Macro Trends Group, global supply of capital stands at around 10 times global GDP. Hence, the demand for investment in projects and R&D is considerably low than the most scare resource — human capital.

How Executive Coachings Deliver Different Results When Undertaken by younger, Older Employees

How Executive Coachings Deliver Different Results When Undertaken by younger, Older Employees

A study conducted by Manchester Inc.On the impact of executive coaching showed an average return on investment of 5.7 times the initial investment.

Among the benefits to the companies, it was found that productivity of employees increased by 53% and quality by 48%. The employees were able to reduce customer complaints by 34% and reduced cost by 23%. The bottom-line profitaility increased by 22%.

When One Becomes the Boss

When one becomes the boss

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

The quote by the famous author John Maxwell says a lot about the core leadership quality that a person should possess in order to be a successful leader.

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Growing Importance of HR’s Role in Indian Retail Scenario

Importance of HR's Role in Indian Retail Scenario

Retail is one of the most dynamic and lucrative industries. The modern face of Indian retail attracts several young professionals giving them opportunities to learn business strategies, management and revenue earning tips. On the other hand, the experts, of the industry work out on new innovative ideas to develop and enhance profitability of the retail industry further. Hence, this ever-budding industry offer good career growth for all who want to earn name, fame and money.

How Manpower Allocation of Roles And Responsibilities Can Make or Break the Company Success?

Images Retail October 2015_002

Manpower is the backbone of any organisation. The Success and growth of a company majorly depends on its manpower. So, what is manpower? Manpower is basically the workforce of the organisation at different levels in different departments. No company can grow and develop if its manpower or employees do not work efficiently. So, selection, placement and motivation of manpower are amust for any organisation to stand against the tough competition in the market and perform at par excellence.

Leadership Skills Can be Easily Manifested Through Executive Coaching

August 2015 Coaching.indd_001

Retail Industry has grown phenomenally over a decade. The sector is contributing majorly in the country’s GDP and in coming years it is yet to be seen reaching new scales. The potential of Retail Industry remained under covers for long till the key players took a big leap transforming it into one of the most paying as well as challenging job arena. Though the growth of Retail Sector is more prominent in metro cities, smaller cities and towns are also coming up with different developmental plans. These plans are giving new scope to retail sector to beam up with
growth of these regions.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching For Business & Leadership Growth

August 2014 Corporate Coaching_Vandana Shah_001

The leaders are the ones who pave path for others to follow. Organisational leaders, are the ones who manage diversity, build cross-functional relationships, determine the work flow, make decisions and take great deal of risks. They are meant to entrepreneurial and at the same time blend well with others to work towards common goal. Thus, a higher sense of responsibility lies on their shoulders as they develop organisational culture and stimulate growth.

How Mature is The Concept of Coaching in India?

Born as humans, we all have an innate desire to excel in life and become successful human beings, we build several strategies and action plans to achieve our goals in life. Sometimes our approach to attain the goal works and at other times, success eludes us and the barriers act as immovable roadblocks. Lack of proper guidance, strategy and repeated efforts in the wrong direction can leave us devastated in our endeavour to achieve what we aim for.

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