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Executive Coaching VS Mentoring

What is an executive made off? A soul with a foresight? A continuously learning human machine? A benchmark of emotional intelligence? The spearhead of personal and organisational developments? A strategic thinker? An informed decision maker? Technically, an executive is all of them in a single entity. I bet, there are many more attributes which integrate […]

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The Science of Possibility

” A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. “ Joyce Brothers Saima, 31 year old professional, is a hard working employee and was always a bright student in her academics. However, being in professional life for almost 8 years now, she seems quite unhappy with the trajectory of her career graph […]

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Intention vs. Expectation

I had an important business meeting with a client. The client was to leave for Mumbai after our meeting in Delhi. The night before I too had travelled, so was feeling quite tired and got lazy in getting up for the meeting in morning. When finally I checked the time it was 9:30 am. A […]

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