Transform dreams to reality, become solution focused self with Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and Corporate Leadership Training

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. This beautiful quote speaks the truth about all successful people in the world. If you read about any successful people or talk to them, they will tell you, the secret to their success is their passionate dreams. Dreams keep you going in life; they are the ones to motivate you when you feel low in life.

When we look at our dreams and the path looks like a maze to achieve our dreams. We find it challenging to materialize our dreams. Some of us face serious distractions and obstructions in an effort to turn our dreams into reality. At “The Chrysallis“, we help you create the puzzled path of your maze into a walk-able straight line and enable you to achieve all your dreams and desires of life. We understand that materialization of dreams also make one grow on personal and professional front. So, Business Coaching at The Chrysallis is a systemization of vision and strategies; aimed at setting goals and taping your own resources to achieve the pre-set goals. Coaching and Mentoring is a logical and proven approach undertaken by our principal coach who treats your dreams like the goals and your failure like obstructions to be eliminated. And transform you to a solution focused self.

Excellence is what we seek when we work towards fulfilment of our career goals. Though we all lead different lives – our approach problems, goals, dreams and obstacles are different but the seven dynamics ruling the workflow are the same. They are Leadership, Management, Finance, Branding, Marketing, Delivery, & Sales. At The Chrysallis, a professional will experience Corporate Coaching or choose one as per their requirement. Group Coaching and Sales Coaching are effective for successful marketing and sales, while Leadership Coaching / CEO Coaching / Executive Coaching / Performance Coaching & Marshall Goldsmith way of Stakeholder Centered Coaching do wonders in leadership skill development, team handling, management and enhancing manager effectiveness.

Interestingly, coaching involves scientific techniques aimed to achieve wealthy self, healthy body, balanced life, stress free mind and no worry soul and make the individual solution focus driven self.

A Career Mentor, Vandana Shah Delivers mentoring on #Fame a digital TV weekly show “Sawaal Jawaab with Vandana Shah” as an exclusive career speaker on the channel. She addresses queries and challenges of all her participants from across the globe by taking them on an intellectual and solution focused journey that can propel them to a new place, position or outlook. She shares her wisdom and guides her audience to widen their horizon of possibilities & they begin to explore possible possibilities and take appropriate decisions. She changes the minds of her audience to persuade them of something they hadn’t seen, known or believed before.


CoachingDuring the Coaching sessions we listen deeply and non-judgementally to enable you to create your own strategies that empower you as an expert in your life.
MentoringWe share knowledge, experience and advice to enable you to consider new ways of approaching situations
Corporate Training
Corporate TrainingWe provide training to corporate organizations based on their requirement. We specialize in the area of Leadership Development.

If you are seriously considering working with a Business coach, please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk with you, get a feel for what you want to achieve through coaching, give you a feel for how it works, and answer any questions you might have. Then you can decide if there is value for you in coaching. You can best reach me by email at info@thechrysallis.com

FEARS of Life are Reasons for Failures of Life:

  1. Worried about competition
  2. Below performing Sales figure
  3. Slow pace of business development (Business is Stagnant is the term that need immediate expert help)
  4. Failed to retain best employees and skilled work force
  5. Afraid to handle Rejections from someone
  6. Rigid towards sudden transformation

At “The Chrysallis” our coach is an expert in bringing permanent change of positive experience for your “Mind, Body & Soul”. Our Master Scientific systems of Business Coaching, Performance Coaching & Leadership Coaching to extinguish worries and deal stress are a path breaking achievement to attain business goals. So, hold no fear to approach us & we remove all fearful syndromes in no time.

Bad Habits Lead to Bad Destiny:

What are Bad Habits?

  1. Addiction of Alcohol, chain smoking, substance abuse, drugs intake, and over sensual nature
  2. Cruel intentions, brutal actions, and cold heart
  3. Unhealthy life due to unhealthy life practices
  4. Backbiting, backstab, & framing others (especially for personal gains)
  5. Serial cheating, lying, manipulation, & breaking of trust

We all at some point of life feel the guilt of such misconduct and wrongdoings. Need Help! At “The Chrysallis” we break bad habits and cultivate well conducts of life through neural re-programming. Sure shot technique for advancing in life by changing attitudes, behavior & Belief. So, when there are no barriers between materialism & spiritualism you feel no guilt.

Anger the Root Cause of Self Destructions:

When are we Angry?

  1. Frustrations due to lack of clarity in relationship, purpose, set goals, & visible results
  2. Unbalanced team and Underperforming employees
  3. Failure due to Market Slowdown, Bad Economic Conditions & Competition Sustenance
  4. Inability to balance life, profession, relationship challenges & health crisis

So, The Chrysallis Group coaching will help you remove all confusions of life. No, more reasoning; why I failed! What should I do? When will my luck favor me! How to plan the next stage? So, when you learn the art of harvesting your life dreams, your anger vanishes.

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